About me_

Name: Mehdi A.

Skills: HTML/CSS/JS, Python/Django, Wordpress, WooCommerce, PHP, Search Engine Optimization, Seo copywriting, Audio Design, Social Media

Likes: Clean coding, Efficient and eye-appealing design, Rich and interesting content

Dislikes: Clickbaits, Blackhat Seo

Google Mobile Sites Certification

A London Ontario based and experienced freelance web developer who provides small businesses, startups and other creative entities a set of tools which will allow them to reach a superior level in their projects.
I will guide you in the process of creating your own website, improving its ranking in search engines, and optimizing your presence on social media while offering different formulas that will fit your budget


Modern Web Design

It's time to have a website that represents you! Mad-Web guarantees you an innovative design for your website as well as an intuitive user interface.


Responsive Websites

Let your brand be seen, whatever the size of your audience's screen.

API Integrations

Take your website to the next level. Connect it to tools you use on a daily basis be it your CRM, inventory management, marketing automation

Custom Web Development

You need to build that custom platform tailored to your needs while the existing solutions don't fit your requirements?
We can build a satisfying solution together.

Maintenance, optimization and customization

You need to update an existing website or improve its design, functionalities or performances?
We Can Help. We offer a wide range of Front-End and Back-End solutions


Generate more revenues and make your transactions easier. Forget the old way and save your time and money: Sell online and reach new markets worldwide !


Your professional responsive website starting from $899 today!

Ecommerce sites from $1399

We also handle different type of larger project. Please inquire!


What is your starting offer?

The starting offer includes your functional website with your own content (text, videos, ...) and the pages necessary for your day-to-day tasks (i.e: contact, gallery). This offer is aimed to people who need a stable and functional website.

What if I only need a certain kind of services?

Some web agencies want to bill you for many services that you don't need while hoping to keep you as a client. Mad-Web's philosophy is different: You choose the right tools for you in order to go forward with your projects. Together, we can select the services that fit your needs and budget.
We can definitely provide a specific service that you might need. i.e: Working on the SEO for your current website.

Why is it important to have a responsive website?

A responsive website is designed to be compatible with modern devices (smartphones, tablets, SmartTvs...) no matter how big or small the screen is.

In 2015, it is estimated that mobile devices have surpassed desktop computers in terms of the number of users*. Nowadays, these platforms make it easier to reach a large audience. Investing in a responsive website is one among the key strategies to connect with your followers.


How can organic referencing help my business/projects?

As time goes by, SEO and organic referencing have become widely used techniques to attract visitors to a website. There are many reasons for that :

- You are attracting visitors who are looking for content and services related to what you provide.

- Having a good ranking on search results comes with higher credibility.

- This marketing model can push you and your competitors to be more innovative in terms of content.

- It has a good ROI value, especially for startups and small businesses.

- Organic referencing can also help artists and craftsmen expose their work to a wider audience.


What about maintenance?

If you need maintenance services for your website designed by Mad-Web. We can discuss a formula that will satisfy you

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